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Updated Updated in 2024

Did anyone say that you have to do some kind of sport to burn calories effectively?

If so, that’s not true. Look at how many calories can you burn shopping:

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How many calories can you burn shopping?

An average person weighing 180 lbs (81 kg) should burn about 197 calories during one hour of shopping.

Considering that, this person could burn ~5900 calories every month if they go shopping for one hour each day. It can lead to losing almost 2 pounds if they keep their current diet and lifestyle. Not bad for this kind of activity.

Here’s a table presenting how many calories can an average person weighing 180 lbs burn during shopping for different amounts of time:

Shopping Time Calories Burned
15 minutes 49 kcal
30 minutes 99 kcal
1 hour 197 kcal
2 hours 394 kcal
3 hours 592 kcal
4 hours 789 kcal

As always, the amount of calories burned is heavily dependent on the person’s weight:

140 lbs170 lbs200 lbs230 lbs260 lbs
15 minutes 38 kcal47 kcal55 kcal63 kcal71 kcal
30 minutes 77 kcal93 kcal110 kcal126 kcal142 kcal
1 hour 153 kcal186 kcal219 kcal252 kcal285 kcal
2 hours 307 kcal372 kcal438 kcal504 kcal570 kcal
3 hours 460 kcal559 kcal657 kcal756 kcal854 kcal
4 hours 613 kcal745 kcal876 kcal1008 kcal1139 kcal

If you are wondering how many calories can you burn, enter your weight and shopping time into the calculator at the top of this article to find it out!

How to burn more calories shopping?

1. Walk faster

Increasing the intensity can impact the amount of burned calories. The faster you go, the more calories you can burn.

Don’t run around the store, but try to get a little tired after such shopping, so you will likely burn some extra calories.

2. Take longer routes

If you’re not in a hurry, and you’re serious about burning calories while shopping, make it like a long walk. Don’t push to finish. Enjoy your time, and try to move as much as you can.

Even if the thing you need is just right next to you, you can walk around the entire store for it, so you will burn more calories.

3. Go on foot when possible

If you don’t necessarily need a car trunk, go on foot, so you make an extra walk to the store and burn additional calories.

Even if you have to buy more things, you can consider going two, or three times in one day, depending on how determined you are and how much free time you have.

4. Do something when you are standing in line

If there is a long queue, ask somebody if they can hold a place for you and go for an extra walk around.

It may be weird, but let’s say there are 30 minutes of waiting.

You can:

  1. Stand and wait, so you’ll burn ~60 calories
  2. Or go for a walk around the store, and burn ~150 calories

The choice is yours.

Pros & Cons of burning calories shopping

Wondering if burning calories shopping is the right choice for you? Take a look at this list of pros and cons.

Pros of burning calories shopping:

  • ProYou probably have to do some shopping from time to time anyway. Instead of doing this online, delegating this to other people, or driving to the store instead of walking, you can use some tips from this article and burn some extra calories.
  • ProFor some people, walking around the store is much more enjoyable than walking in other environments because they can meet people and watch or buy some interesting products.
  • ProIt may be interesting for people starting their weight loss journey because it doesn’t sound like a sport, yet allows burning a decent amount of calories, especially if you follow some of the best practices.

Cons of burning calories shopping:

  • ConWalking around the store for too long can cause you to inadvertently buy more. For this reason, it’s best to make a shopping list and stick to it without buying anything else.
  • ConIf you get too involved, walking around the store very quickly can look weird. You must also be careful not to disturb other people.

Alternatives to burning calories shopping


When you go for a walk, you don’t have to stop, and you can usually walk faster than in a store. Thanks to this, you can burn much more calories.

What’s more, when walking, for example, in the park, you don’t have to be so careful about other people, and you don’t have to think about what to buy – thanks to this you can, for example, listen to some interesting podcasts and spend this time even more productively.


What do dancing and shopping have in common?

Both of these activities make it quite easy to meet new people.

Dancing, unlike shopping, is an activity that allows you to burn really huge amounts of calories.


For example, in 30 minutes, a person weighing 180 lbs can burn ~300 calories dancing, compared to ~99 calories shopping. If you enjoy music, don’t be shy, and consider trying it out!

And in case you are shy, and you don’t want to change it, you can dance alone at your place. It’s also pretty effective.

Physical working

Some people will notice that when we go shopping to burn calories, we can spend money on buying things we don’t need.

So, instead of burning calories as a shopper, what if you tried to burn calories and make some additional money?

Even if you already have your job, you can take some side job that allows you to burn a decent number of calories. For example, a good choice may be a warehouse worker or the recently popular profession of a food delivery person, in which you would move around on a bicycle.

Calories Burned Shopping Formula

To calculate the estimated amount of burned calories shopping, we use the following formula:

MET to Calories Formula


  • CB – Calories Burned

With the following MET values:

Activity MET
Shopping, with or without a cart 2.3
Putting away groceries, carrying packages 2.5


Question: A person weighing 200 lbs went shopping for an hour and a half. They were shopping with an average intensity. How many calories did they burn?

1. Convert weight to kilograms.

200 lbs * 0.45359237 ≈ 90.72

2. Calculate the result.

CB = 90 × 2.3 × 3.5 × 90.72 / 200

CB ≈ 328.63

Answer: A person weighing 200 lbs has burned about 328.63 calories shopping for an hour and a half.